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Who are we?

The Guernsey Bereavement Service (GBS) was founded in 1992 following the successful granting of a Bursary donated by The Channel Island Insurance to Maura Stacey and Chris Moore in conjunction with the Palliative Care Staff of the Guernsey Board of Health. GBS is registered as a charitable organisation with the Association of Guernsey Charities (No. 243). GBS is also registered as a Limited by Guarantee Company no: 43996. The GBS is purely reliant on donations and offers a free, confidential counselling service to anyone suffering bereavement. Counsellors are committed volunteers drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds. If you feel you would be interested in becoming involved in some way please do contact the GBS direct. Aside from offering self-referral the GBS is extensively consulted by the local medical community who fully appreciate the commitment and professionalism that it offers to the bereaved

The Guernsey Bereavement Service provides emotional support to adults (over 16 years of age) who are struggling to cope with a significant loss, usually, but not always a death. This support can take the form of one-to-one, group or telephone support. In addition there is a small lending library of written resources. The charity also provides training to other organisations and workplaces in helping bereaved friends and colleagues, and acts to promote the needs of the bereaved.

the aims of our service are:

  • To offer help and support to those who have lost a relative or friend.
  • To enable people to face their feelings and work through their grief.
  • To provide emotional support rather than practical help to the bereaved.
  • To meet the needs of bereaved persons regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnic background or cause of death.
  • To promote increased awareness of the needs of the bereaved and the nature of the grieving process within the community at large.



If you are living on Alderney and would like some support following a bereavement please contact the Bereavement Service on 257778.




Download Leaflet in Portugese
Download Speaking from experience
Download How do I cope when someone I care about dies?
Download Bereavement leaflet in Latvian


Rooms for Hire

The Guernsey Bereavement Service has occupied Kingsland House since 2007. We are fortunate to be able to use these premises and are happy to make the facilities available to others. If you are interested please take a look at the "room hire info leaflet" which can be downloaded at the foot of the page. Alternatively contact us on 257778 or email

Certificate in counselling with bereavement and loss awareness

This 90 hours flexible learning course, commencing in October 2017, combines distance learning and face-to-face training. The course is the foundation training for our volunteers but is also open to anyone who would like to develop these skills. Please go to the training page for more details or contact us direct. There will be an Open Evening on Saturday 23 September 2017, 5-7pm at Kingsland House.

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